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Transgender kids just want to play sports:
Call to Speaker Phelan today and ask him to not advance any anti-transgender bills!


Governor Abbott has called a third special legislative session and included anti-trans legislation in his short list of priorities.

Make no mistake, this is a cruel and horrific move try to deny trans youth the chance to play sports. Unfortunately, this is not unexpected - this year alone more than 60 anti-LGBTQ bills were filed.

Texans across the state have made an impact through calls, emails, and rallies at the Capitol. We need your help combatting this relentless fictitious narrative that portrays trans children as dangerous to dehumanize them and attempts to make it easier to convince Texans that it’s ok to exclude trans kids from normal school activities. 

  • Excluding transgender children from normal school activities fuels a culture of bias: Transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming students are at greater risk of experiencing hostile climate and discrimination in school. Failing to support transgender student athletes only perpetuates a culture of bias. Equality groups have already seen evidence of this culture of bias with an increase in requests for help to address anti-LGBTQ+ bullying. The crisis hotline Transgender Lifeline also reported a 72% increase in calls from Texas last May, at the height of the debate on the sports ban. 

  • Erasing transgender kids’ existance creates mental and emotional harm: These bills hinges on sex being “correctly stated” on a birth certificate. “Correctly stated” defined as “entered at or near the time of the student’s birth” leaves no room for transgender children and send the message that they don’t exist.

  • Placing invented hypothetical scenarios over the real harm these bills have already caused transgender children reveals the intent of policies like this: cruelty is the point. Lawmakers are intentionally placing more importance on hypothetical outcomes for cisgender students than the real harm already faced by transgender kids.

Will you make a call to Speaker Phelan today and urge him to not advance any anti-transgender bills?

Call Speaker Dade Phelan at 512-463-1000 ​​​

Call Speaker Dade Phelan at 512-463-1000 ​​​

Call Speaker Dade Phelan at 512-463-1000 ​​​

Call Speaker Dade Phelan at 512-463-1000 ​​​


Hi, my name is [name] and I live in [city, zip code]. I’m calling to urge Speaker Phelan to stop anti-transgender bills from advancing this session. These bills are discriminatory, target our most vulnerable children and are not supported by fact.These bills erase transgender kids existence and create mental and emotional harm. And collegiate and professional sports organizations have had trans-inclusive policies for years without incident — in Texas or anywhere else.  


Do share why this issue is important to you and personal reasons calling if you have them. 


Example: My brother is transgender and plays basketball in middle school. These kind of bills would put a target on him and all he wants to do is be part of the team and play sports with his friends.

Don't hesitate, make the call as soon as you can. Several other people from around the state are calling with you too! We are stronger when we take action together.


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