Tell Speaker Phelan: Transgender kids just want to play sports. Don't advance any anti-transgender bills!

By the end of the 87th Texas Legislature and two special sessions, Texans were left with countless attacks on our fundamental rights made by radical, out of touch lawmakers.

Lawmakers failed to respect the right of every Texan to live freely and raise families in healthy, safe communities, with dignity and justice. Instead, legislators prioritized destructive, oppressive, and discriminatory policies that hurt the lives of real people.

Instead of focusing on the real issues facing Texas families, extremist lawmakers have:

  • Undermined our freedom to vote with their racist voter suppression scheme;

  • Attacked trans Texans by attempting to limit access to gender-affirming healthcare and codifying discrimination against trans children;

  • Implemented one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country;

  • Removed basic safety and background check requirements for those who want to carry loaded handguns in public; and

  • Failed to implement meaningful reforms to address police violence, expand medicaid, address the climate crisis, nor fix the failures of the energy grid that left hundreds dead and millions without power.

We have had to be #TexasStrong when our elected officials neglected us. Through the winter freeze and the global pandemic, Texans helped each other. We deserve representatives who show up for us the way we have shown up for each other. Texas deserves better.

The Texas for All Coalition comprises more than 100 groups and organizations dedicated to the advancement of civil rights and democracy for all Texans.  

  • ACLU of Texas

  • AVOW

  • Battleground Texas

  • Black Voters Matter - Texas

  • Common Cause

  • Every Texan

  • Jolt Action

  • MOVE Texas

  • Indivisible

  • Planned Parenthood Texas Votes

  • Texas Freedom Network

  • Texas Organizing Project

  • Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance

  • Texas Rising

  • Workers Defense Action Fund

  • Sierra Club


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